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Playoff Beard

This is awesome, thank you guys!!!

My workout looks sick, I can't wait to try it. Will post time asap...


Jer - I love you to death but I flatly refuse to do wallballs!!!! LOL!!!


Yes, it IS sick LOL

Cookie- my dear you are THE ONLY one who gets to sub wallballs :0

I will be wallowing in this pain tomorrow. Jet lagged.... phooey :P


SUCKS (all the air out of your lungs) is the more appropriate way to describe this!

DL 165.170.175
400 m 35 wb 14lb 8'


I was planning on doing it tonight, but today was my first day back to MMA in over 2 months. I was beat. See you's tomorrow.


do you mean you were tired or that they beat you for not showing up for two months?

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