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Strong Lil Pony!

That was harder than it looks. Is this day 7 of straight PRs? Think so. The cool thing 'bout this PR is that its 50 sec faster than before- WITH smaller band than before. NICE!

Tomorrow I'm doing "Lynne", so another PR is in order... tee hee :)

Adding high fat dairy back into my diet has been a HUGE plus. I'm deliriously happy to be enjoying coffee again. When mama's happy, e'erybody's happy! Think that 9 hrs sleep may be helping as well.


Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that. I'm getting so used to her setting records every time she works out that I hardly even notice any more.

What she doesn't mention is that the last time she did "Jackie" she probably didn't do 63 back squats before-hand. By the way, that 172.5 she squatted? Also a p.r. Also happens to be my body weight.


Very, Very Nice!
Strong 'Lil Pony is now

Stronger 'Lil Pony

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