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Playoff Beard

You've got "deadlift", "Rippetoe", "Starr" and "Kilgore" all in the same post. You have my interest.


Actually, the rehab protocol can be found in the Strength Mill forums, here: http://startingstrength.com/resources/forum/showthread.php?t=7351

It's for muscle belly tears, and we are not 100% sure what is wrong here (because even the doctor doesn't know), but the basic tenets are to move blood through the injured area and to keep the injury from scarring by making it move through it's normal range of motion. This seems like a good thing to do even if it is a tendon or a ligament issue.


Big numbers - Big info


Does this method work for muscle belly injuries - definitely! I did this for my hamstring strain in 2008 and it worked on many other clients of mine.

I'm not too sure about tendon tears or even strains with this method. It's definitely NOT for ligament injuries. Unfortunately, ligaments do not have the same physical properties of tendons, and the whole premise of this method is to flush the area with blood and nutrients.

Although I believe in mobilizing the joint after a ligament injury, it's MUCH MORE delicate than a muscle or a tendon, and limiting the ROM and weight you bear with that ligament is crucial to not causing further damage to it.

...unless you're using growth hormones, then you'll be good to go in a matter of a couple of weeks!


...and I linked CF Rising to the D5F mainpage!


We are definitely limiting the weight. He wont be pressing above fifty pounds for a long time. The real problem is that his doctor can't tell him what the problem is, so how to work around it and make it better is tough to figure out. The only thing I am absolutely sure of is that he should be icing it regularly.

Cool. I thought we were getting more hits than usual.

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