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gotta edit this one. I got the box heights wrong.


Awesome! Woo hoooooo ! Way to go !!!! One client happy...hopefully coming back. Let the snowball start rolling down hill !!!!!!


So when you gonna come pay us a visit, Pokey? Come take a cert in Montclair and you can stay with us.


That sounds like a plan. But it won't be for at least a year. We have to get my wife through nursing school before we loosen up the purse strings. She only has three semesters left. Poor girl works three days a week and goes to school the rest. Talk about a workout !

I think she compared it to AMRAP beating your head against the wall coupled with a twenty yard sprint into a brick wall. Or maybe that was being married to me. I get confused.

Playoff Beard

Congrats guys, that's awesome!

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